Welcome to Yesoiday HaTorah Multi Academy Trust, Manchester

As one of the oldest and largest Jewish schools in Manchester, Yesoiday HaTorah is well known throughout the UK. Its vision as set up by its founders back in 1945 was to create an institution that provides an excellent education within the religious traditions of Orthodox Judaism.

Continuing as Yesoiday HaTorah Multi Academy Trust, our aim is to promote traditional Jewish values whilst delivering the highest standards of kodesh and secular studies within a warm and embracing Jewish atmosphere.

We aim to empower our pupils with understanding, knowledge and skills in both kodesh and secular studies, enabling them to take their place as observant Jews in British Society, contributing with respect, courtesy, self-discipline and diligence to become outstanding citizens within the wider community.

Our caring and talented staff ably directed by CEO Rabbi Dr J Yodaiken and his excellent team encourage each and every child to reach the highest levels of academic achievement, creativity and personal development.

This unique combination of traditional values together with the adaptation to the needs of the current generation has proved itself to be timely and popular. This is evident by the exponential growth and demand for places in our school.

We as governors have endeavoured to strike the balance between allowing for this growth whilst maintaining the high standards of the school.

As the community continues to grow and demand for places increases we have innovative plans afoot to further enhance and develop the Academies in the Trust in the coming decade – a true success story.

Mr David Sinitsky

Chair of Governors

Sedgley Park Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 0JW